Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

 There are no contracts. At Socially Known,  LLC we believe we need to earn your business every month! Love us or  Leave us... but you are going to love us! 

Can you customize a package to meet my needs?

 Yes. We understand that every business must  be unique in order to find their competitive edge. We will work with  you to make sure the needs of your business are met and we are helping  you achieve your goals. 

How do you customize my Facebook Page?

 Your audience will see you as a company in  the know with our custom call to action buttons and landing pages which  can be used for special offers, events or lead capture. There are many  exciting ways to set you apart and communicate with your target market! 

Do I need to do Social Media contest?

 A contest campaign is a great way to  motivate consumers to like, follow, share and engage. It will expand  your audience and create brand awareness. We will work with you to make  the most of this social media marketing strategy.  

How will Socially Known, LLC represent our company effectively?

 How will Socially Known, LLC represent our company effectively?
Socially  Known has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes develop  and proliferate their brand message and marketing collateral for almost a  quarter of a century. At Socially Known, we understand the importance  of brand clout and how to uniquely communicate messages on behalf of our  customers. We are able to do this based on vast years of experience and  by how closely we work with you to ensure that your message is  constructed effectively and delivered succinctly with purpose. Part of  our social media marketing process also has us work with and leverage  key players on your team. Through collaboration, we’re able to interview  you and your fellow team members to make sure the message comes from  you and effectively solicits new business in the process. 

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