Social Media marketing


  • Create your custom social media strategy
  • Setup your social media business pages (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,)
  • Get your permanent social media business address (URL)
  • Design relevant cover images
  • Get likes, shares and followers
  • Build your fan base
  • Create and manage appropriate content
  • Share content to fans and followers
  • Write regular status updates
  • Manage advertisement campaigns
  • Design and add relevant pictures or videos
  • Search and share trending industry specific news articles periodically
  • Create questions and polls relevant to your business
  • Encourage fans to post recommendations
  • Influence fans to interact and share your information
  • Delete spam posts
  • Reply back to comments and likes
  • And lots more...

 We are here to help you achieve success via social media marketing. We  will customize your social media marketing plan based on your specific  needs and your budget. Our social media marketing rates are affordable  even for small businesses. More importantly, we have helped several  businesses achieve success using social media. We would be glad to help  you as well. Just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss  your social media marketing options. 

Socially Known Packages

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